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Министерство обороны Азербайджана продолжает распространять дезинформацию

Министерство обороны Азербайджана продолжает распространять дезинформацию.

Сообщение министерства обороны Азербайджана о том, что якобы 7 апреля в 17:15 подразделения ВС Армении открыли огонь по азербайджанским позициям, расположенным в юго-западной части пограничной зоны, не соответствует действительности.

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Turkish-Russian-Azerbaijani are playing for more time and better opportunities. This alliance is waiting for another “diffuse or stormy period in world politic “ to create more problems for Armenia. This criminal alliance trying as well to demonstrate to the West that they can do whatever they want . Besides this, Turkish-Russian-Azerbaijani alliance tries far from "eyes of Iran" create disputed areas in north Armenia in order to use it at“bargaining table” blackmailing Armenia! Armenia needs a strong true collation government and cooperation/consultations , such a collation doesn't necessarily mean to be part of government itself!... . I am not talking about so called parties who have a couple members, and these are there friends and family members! Unfortunately, as seen many ties before in the past, Nicole like Serjic and Robert , prefers “photo shooting appointment” ( PR campaign ) with such “dummy” one man sand so called political parties... !

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