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Armenian Defense Ministry Says Its Forces Diidn't Fire on Azerbaijani Combat Positions

Armenia's defense ministry has refuted an Azerbaijani defense ministry claim that Armenian military units fired on Azerbaijani combat positions in the southwestern part of the border yesterday.

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Turkish-Russian-Azerbaijani are playing for more time and better opportunities. This alliance is waiting for another “diffuse or stormy period in world politic “ to create more problems for Armenia. This criminal alliance trying as well to demonstrate to the West that they can do whatever they want . Besides this, Turkish-Russian-Azerbaijani alliance tries far from "eyes of Iran" create disputed areas in north Armenia in order to use it at“bargaining table” blackmailing Armenia! Armenia needs a strong true collation government and cooperation/consultations , such a collation doesn't necessarily mean to be part of government itself!... . I am not talking about so called parties who have a couple members, and these are there friends and family members! Unfortunately, as seen many ties before in the past, Nicole like Serjic and Robert , prefers “photo shooting appointment” ( PR campaign ) with such “dummy” one man sand so called political parties... !

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