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Digitain’s M1TQ Incubation Program Winner ArmBionics Launches Disability Fundraising

Digitain is excited to announce that the startups of its M1TQ program are growing and developing. After the startup incubation program, they continue their entrepreneurial journeys and set promising challenges in front of them. 

ArmBionics, the winner of the first batch of the M1TQ program, has organized a fundraising campaign to reach its mission of restoring mobility to people with disabilities and enhancing their quality of life. One of this campaign's goals is to promote high-tech manufacturing in Armenia, which will not only be competitive in the world market but will also satisfy demand in the region.

ArmBionics develops complete rehabilitation solutions for upper-limb-challenged people through cutting-edge research in prosthetics and technology. The prostheses are created with the label "Made in Armenia". This is one of the cases when Armenian products outperform their foreign competitors: they are lighter, more durable, and more functional, and create a real alternative for disabled people. 

Today more than 400 people with upper limb amputations live in Armenia. By utilizing the latest technology and engineering solutions, the startup will give them a second chance to feel complete and reintegrate into society. With ArmBionics, the amputee will not only be able to return to the previous rhythm of life but will also have the opportunity to play sports, lead a physically active life, and more.

Your contribution can change the lives of many people. Thus, follow the link for more details and make your donation.

Digitain launched the M1TQ program as a part of its DigiTown project, which aims to foster the Armenian startup ecosystem and empower talents to kick off their own tech companies. 

M1TQ Batch 1 was organized in collaboration with the Foundation of Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) in 2021 to push early-stage startups to advance to the next level. It gave an opportunity to 8 startups to go through a 12-week acceleration program, which included intensive coaching sessions and mentorship. As a result of Demo Day, ArmBionics won first place and received a grant from Digitain. 

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