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Samson Martirosyan

Robert Kocharyan's Hayastan Alliance: 50% of Candidates are ARF Members

According to Armenia’s Central Electoral Commission, 2,605 individuals will appear on the ballots of 22 political parties and four alliances registered to participate in the June 20 snap parliamentary election.

Here, Hetq looks at the four blocs/alliances and the party make-up of their candidates.

Pativ Unem Dashink: (I Have Honor Alliance)

This bloc is comprised of Serzh Sargsyan’s Republican Party of Armenia and the Homeland Party lead by former National Security Service Director Artur Vanetsyan. The bloc has 230 candidates on its slate.

In the top ten are former Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan; Republican Party of Armenia Youth Wing head Hayk Mamijanyan; former Prosperous Party of Armenia member Martun Grigoryan; and MP Taguhie Tovmasyan, who left the Im Kayl (My Step) parliamentary faction.

137 of the bloc’s 230 candidates running in the June 20 snap parliamentary election are members of the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK). 48 are from the Hayrenik Party, and 45 have no party affiliation.

Azat Hayrenik Dashink: (Free Homeland Alliance)

This alliance is comprised of the following parties: Azgayin Inknoroshum Miavor (Union for National Self-Determination), Azgayin Zhoghovrdavarneri Dashink (National Alliance of Democrats, Hay Karutsoghakan (Armenian Constructivist), Pahpanoghakan (Conservative), Hayastani Kanachner (Greens of Armenia).

The alliance is headed by Andreas Ghukasyan (who ran for president in 2013 and was jailed for two years on charges of fomenting civil unrest during the 2016 Sari Tagh protests in Yerevan) and Conservative Party President Mikayel Hayrapetyan.

 22 of the alliance’s candidates are from the Union for National Self-Determination, 21 from the Armenian Constructivist Party, 17 are non-party, 8 from the Conservative Party, 6-Greens of Armenia.

Shirinyan-Babajanyan Democrats’ Alliance

This alliance was founded by MP Arman Babajanyan and political scientist Levon Shirinyan. Babajanyan, a member of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Foreign Relations, used to belong to the Bright Armenia (Lusavor Hayastan) faction. He’s President of the Alliance of Democracy Defenders for the Republic. Shirinyan heads the Christian-Democratic Party.

46 of the Shirinyan-Babajanyan Democrats’ Alliance’s 89 candidates are from the Christian-Democratic Party. 36 are from the Alliance of Democracy Defenders for the Republic. 8 have no party affiliation.

Hayastan Dashink: (Armenia Alliance)

This alliance, headed by former Armenian President Robert Kocharyan, is comprised of the ARF and the recently formed Veratznvogh Hayastan (Reborn Armenia) party. The latter was founded in March 2021 by former Syunik Governor Vahe Hakobyan. He and other party members used to belong to the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK).

78 of the alliance’s 158 candidates are ARF members. 45 have no party affiliation. 29 are from Reborn Armenia, and one is from the Mek Hayastan (One Armenia) party.

According to Electoral Code amendments, the June election will be held on a simple proportional electoral system, without territorial lists, better known as a rating system. The parliamentary electoral thresholds are 5% for parties, 7% for alliances.

The above figures refer to the first part of the national lists. The second part is for   candidates representing national minorities.

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