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Video: Karabakh Frontline - Oct. 25

Video: Karabakh Frontline - Oct. 25.

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Arman Melkonyan
The extant Turkish Republic of 2020 is guilty of committing and perpetuating the Armenian Genocide! So why are Armenians being so senseless? Fact: Turks claim Armenians were deported from war zones for their own safety -- NOT with the goal of killing them and committing genocide. Fact: Turks today conceal (and reportedly destroy) Ottoman Turkish deeds records and archives to obstruct official confirmation of Armenian ownership and thwart the inheritors of the Armenians they "deported" to reclaim and return to their homes, lands and property; Thereby; Fact: The Turks are continuing to commit genocide on the Armenians by preventing them from returning to their homes even though WWI has been over for more than a century. So why... ...aren't Armenians suing the modern day Republic of Turkey for perpetrating the ongoing genocide *today*? Aren't the hapless Armenians being self-defeating instead of helping their cause?

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